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Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Super Mario Bros 3

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 DOWNLOAD Super Mario Bros 3
screenshot of Super Mario Bros 3, or Super Mario Bros 3 old version
Mario Bros Games
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Program in Spanish 
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Veterans recall the great impact that had on Super Mario Bros. 3 consoles for more than 15 years.The game appeared for the mythical NES, and still happens to be one of the greatest adventures in the history of video games.

In this Super Mario Bros. 3 is a version of the same game, with some modifications, but always faithful to the original (this is not a game of Super Mario).There are some classic elements of the game missing this version, since it is a beta and the authors are still working on it to complete it, but in return we can enjoy some new enemies and objects, and a better appearance of the graphics, especially funds.Moreover, this version of Super Mario Bros. 3 includes adventure complete with the legendary 8 worlds that made us tremble in the past.In addition, we have at our disposal a level editor and maps.

To make matters worse, the game is in Spanish, so we can ask little more.Super Mario Bros. 3 is absolutely essential.*Provisionally, the description of this program has been directly taken from an external spanish translator, non-related to We are working hard in order to personally translate every single description properly, as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Free Download Super Mario Bros 3

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